About Us

Our history

This may be the most controversial story you have ever heard, and we want to share it because it is a summary of our essence.

SEPARATE AT BIRTH, or brushstrokes of THE PARENT TRAP, are the memories that come to mind when I recount our experience.

We met for the first time in a financial institution due to our economic qualifications. Over the years, we have been meeting at different events, sharing identical ideas and values, focused on creating unique experiences, this is not an exclusive topic for us. The gym equipment that appeared at a wedding, treadmill included, is still something that the bride and groom remember.


Life doesn’t always have the same plans for everyone, and Noelia received the call of growth exploring the world. Traveling became her passion, surfing all kinds of waves, she came to stay in the most unusual places, sometimes alone and other times accompanied by other unknown adventurers. Years later, her beloved Barcelona welcomed her as a new and more experienced person, with other values, other priorities and facing life without fear.

For my part, I followed the socially marked path. I married my lifelong boyfriend, in a magical place; Ibiza, a celebration that the chosen ones still remember in great detail. We grew the family, first with our puppy and then with the baby. Both disciplines have hardened us in furtive learning, like almost all parents.

Focused on my competitive sports discipline, -Twirling-, since I was 8 years old, today forming part of the international team of judges, I have always kept in mind the values ​​of perseverance, sacrifice and teamwork.

Joan is a young and talented gourmet with a long career in this business. Born and grown up among kitchen stoves in a family with a hostelry tradition.

During a time he combined his gastronomic passion, working at the family restaurant, along with mechanical engineering studies where he learnt to design projects that nowadays he’s applying in this business.

With adventurous feature Joan has packed his backpack with excellent culinary experiences around the world.

His fresh style develops the five senses combining avant-garde cuisine without giving up traditional way. This is perfect to manage the several proposals that customers receive and then design the menus that fit better in.


The planning personified.


A crazy idea? Tell me about it!


Team’s foodie/gourmet.

Now we face a great challenge together: to unite these two worlds and create new experiences. We will feel the illusion and emotion again next to those who dare and go for something different. Mix of emotional and crazy sensations Sensitive experiences that draw smiles that last over time, like when you get to surf that wave after sweating the fat drop paddling or get your twirling team up on the podium.

Our Values

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